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Prices for Gold membership

Gold membership

1 Month


10.00 Euro

10.00 EURO per month

Maximum allowed contacts

Gold membership

3 Months

20.00 Euro

6.67 EURO per month

Maximum allowed contacts

Gold membership

6 Months

30.00 Euro

5.00 EURO per month

Maximum allowed contacts


up to 300 contacts per month (30 days)

Chat with your contacts

Lifetime access to contacts. You can communicate with your contacts also when you don't have active Gold membership.

Full access to photos

Translation in email and chat

12 months bonus contacts included
(12 x 30 contacts)

Loyalty discount

This discount applies when buying multiple Gold memberships with a maximum delay of 7 days of expiration of the previous Gold membership.
The loyalty discount can only be applied to non-auto-renew memberships.

2nd buy: 5% discount
3rd buy: 10% discount
4th buy: 15% discount
11th buy: 50% discount