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Yanzi YAN4846
56 岁
165 厘米
63 公斤
南宁 / China
思维开阔 , 幽默, 专一, 真诚, 有魅力, 乐观, 现实, 性感, 有事业心, 懂的享受, 文静, 传统, 包容大度, 稳重, 羞涩, 待人随和, 热爱生活, 居家型, 友好的, 给人感觉舒服, 爱孩子, 聪明,智商高, 浪漫.hello to you all.My name is YangI live in Nanning, south China.I work in the medical profession for the government.My job is a very interesting one and of high degree.I like to keep fit and enjoy meeting new people and spending time with my friends.I am a open minded person, easy going and enjoy life and its many interests it has to offer.I love cooking and preparing delicious Chinese dishes when I have time.I am looking for a kind, intelligent gentleman, sincere and trustworthy to spend my life with.Thank you for reading my profile.
Pengshuang PEN6467
44 岁
160 厘米
45 公斤
湖南长沙 / China
世间真有那么一方净土,叫世外桃源? 谁能解我情钟?谁把柔情深中?亲爱的你吗?。。。。。在何方?