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Aloisio ALO8331
40 anos
174 cm
68 kg
Salvador / Brasil
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Eu estou procurando uma mulher honesta e sincera e que, queira um relacionamento serio. quem quer saber sobre me e so me contatar.
Wilson WIL7252
55 anos
186 cm
92 kg
Rio De Jane / Brasil
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sou amigo, dedicado,carinhoso, companheiro, procurando uma mulher que queira ser feliz e que tambem me faça feliz
Pedro PED8557
19 anos
165 cm
76 kg
Jacobina / Brasil
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Sou uma pessoa divertida,alegre,trabalhador,ambicioso,quero um relacionamento sério,gosto de aventuras.
Solomon SOL7422
30 anos
166 cm
70 kg
Trivandram / Índia
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Believing that relationship is a golden thread that ties heart together. Understanding is the main gate to enter for a good life and it will be achieved through the friendly understanding and knowing each other through mails and the correspondence and it will pave the way for a better life.Belonging to the Nadar community which is an Industrial community in T.N then Kerala. To me all are equal being a Christian believes all are created by God, the Almighty. Opinion and the wish is to treat the partner as a good friend and the companion with equal rights and knowing her needs and also adjust the life as per her wish since in the society the ladies have the same equal rights as all the males.Grow up in a Middle class family, openly speaking no big family background and brought up from the Christian Boarding hostel, though by the grace of God studied and working.All His grace and the mercy. Nothing is in my hand. I believe that God will all in perfect manner in His own time and till than we have to wait under His mighty arms.Iâm of the opinion that 'life is short but the love is long âI am a soft, simple and loveable guy with more kind with the poor, the needy, orphan children, aged and also physically and visually handicapped people in the Society. I will show all my love towards children as a true dedicated father and pay attention for his/her futureThe Bible says 'Love your neighbor as yourself. I am seeking a soft, simple, loveable one with or without children. The first part of life is not good and so Seeking a kind hearted, loving, soft, simple divorced, separated, widowed annulled or a lady with any age that not married due to the family situation. Orphan ladies, destitute women are also welcome with or the without children. Most of them are saying that 'understanding is the stepping stone for the success. If God willing shall approach those who to be a companion, mutual understanding Partner or to live with a domestic relationship. Whatever it may be the friendship will lead to the understanding and to have a blessed and a happiest life. Wishing if possible to serve the poor and the needy as the Bible says Love your neighbor as yourselfâ. My relative have the opinion that loving the poor and the needy will lead to the heaven even not going to the Church or the temple.I am seeking a soft, simple, lovable one with broad mind to help the poor, needy, aged and the physically handicapped one.Should interested to support me to serve the society. i am not seeking the money or the status but what I need is a kind a lovable heart with broad mind. In my opinion age is nothing but a No.Life is short but the love is long. Till we are in the world what importance is 'to love and to be loved'.
Nilo NIL4963
43 anos
176 cm
98 kg
Florianopol / Brasil
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Uma companheira para dividir um pouco de felicidade que a vida nos proporciona!
Rafael RAF6897
22 anos
170 cm
66 kg
Rio De Jane / Brasil
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Uma mulher companheira em todos oa sentidoa,que goste de conhecer outras culturas e seja descontraida e queira viver a vida e ser feliz todos os dias e formar uma familia real.Voce que cansou de ser sozinha e quer um companheiro para todas as horas e ocasioes...
Ailton Lima AIL1039
47 anos
186 cm
84 kg
Goiania / Brasil
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Uma pessoa pra uma coisa séria nao quero aventuras
Marcelo MAR3022
47 anos
166 cm
55 kg
São José Do / Brasil
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Uma mulher para casar