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I not premium Member KLA2394
65 years
175 cm
77 kg
Lübeck / Germany
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If you visiting my profile.
Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoying reading! :)

And now your enjoying reading my profile. Take it easy! ;)

I don't need a luxury life, my wish is to have a simple and happy life.
No fights, no lies..
i am not here to scam.
All i want is ????..

find a good person.
Those fake profiles and scammers please don't waste your time because i do not have millions

No mindless chat.
im tired of liars, false promises and seemingly rude conversations
i want a nice and good real connection and to meet in real
i xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx /

i don't want to write more because i still want us to have something to talk

Istvan IST9594
64 years
184 cm
98 kg
Berlin / Germany
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I looking for a nice, sincery,honest person. I don´t like liar and playgaming. Sometimes i worry about my past and i am little bit desperate,but i hang up this and looking only forward. I will try mutch i can with the new women who i love. I am fair, loyal and honest,i tell every time straight the true. Where you are?? Fair true Women from age 30 between 50
Frank FRA2745
40 years
178 cm
70 kg
Völklingen / Germany
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Mag Frauen in Leder Kleidung ist aber kein muss!! I Love Women in leather clothes
Vincent VIN6406
55 years
188 cm
81 kg
Caucasian / United States of America
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I would like to meet someone to enjoy life with. Someone to go out with or to sit and watch a movie together. Sit chatting. I would like a friend and would be open to more if that is where it takes us. I am a man with large heart so plenty of cuddle to do
Serge SER1330
76 years
178 cm
76 kg
Auriol / France
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am loving person,sometimes I prefer animals than men.looking for loving woman with interests more than discotheque.
Karl-Heinz KAR5635
72 years
172 cm
60 kg
Bremen / Germany
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I look for a faithful, and honest woman. i hope i found this.
Axel AXE4635
56 years
175 cm
75 kg
Nauen / Germany
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I am xxxx years old, single and i lives in Gemany.
I am looking for a woman from the Chineses.
Her should be from thirty to forty year old.
If she would like a family and children,please write me.
Ernst Albus ERN2976
72 years
173 cm
98 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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English is used by most of the people I want to talk to and all others
should use some translator like google translate which is a very convenient
tool if you take some time to understand how it can be used in a fast

Many people don't want to read profiles at all, I can't help those since
they will miss a lot about me and our world, of which most have very little
knowledge when it comes to other cultures, other legislation and living
requirements in other countries.

Next is I am planning to live later in some country with better weather as
what I got here in Germany.

Still I will need to travel several times every year between Germany and
any other country.

I know that many women want to stay in my home country but this is not what
I want, logically - if I want to ge elsewhere!!!

Now to keep it short, some imortant subjects I want to discuss with any
woman who wants to have a serious and happy relationship with xxxx Talking about family matters - xxxx Talking about how we make our living....including xxxx Talking about language problems and how these can be solved. If you
don't want it, I will not continue any xxxx Talking about children if there are any living possibly with xxxx Talking about our culture and how we can learn to understand each
other better - otherwise such relationship is not what I xxxx Talking about our ideas how we expect to live with the new
partner...this is more complicated than you would expect. So better be open
minded and want to learn xxxx Last but not least what is love...what are friends...I am talking
about our relationships we had and still have and how we want to handle it
for us...

All mentioned above is important to me and I know most are not interested
in such detailed approach, but I will not do it anymore with less, since
too many have cheated on me or went off after they were confronted with the
REAL life and not only dreams of some paradise which can only exist in our
heart and mind - but never when you are leaving your home

You should be more aware of that....

Okay - you must not ask like a prospect how old I am and so on. It's all in
my profile and I never xxxxx and I am expecting the same from you.

And if I see that you are hiding anything I will give you once a feedback
that this is not okay. If you are doing it again, I cannot trust you
anymore and will finish the conversation.

YOu think I am rude??

Okay then imagine that I have spent ages to other women in the last 10
years and nothing else has happened that I have paid for many and until
today no one would ever say OKAY WE WILL create SOME LIFE FOR US NO MATTER

No one has done that yet...

So I don't want to waste my time on women anymore who just want a "SIMPLE
LIFE" and some "SUPPORT"...

For me that's no life but just some kind of deal...

EHA xxxxx
Gerald GER9508
56 years
185 cm
75 kg
Dddd / Germany
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Plusxxxx eight three four three
Dieter DIE9557
67 years
176 cm
79 kg
Frankfurtm / Germany
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Ich suche eine rassige, tempramentvolle, mit beiden Beinen auf der Erde stehende, selbstbewusste junge Frau!!
Walter WAL2683
55 years
191 cm
83 kg
Berlin / Germany
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I want a woman with honor, a woman who is genuine and caring. A partner who puts her family first in everything she does.
Carlos Alfredo CAR0942
44 years
167 cm
90 kg
Plantantion / United States of America
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Aventurero de lo tranquilo con toque técnico
IG chavetodito alli al dm si te lo muestra
Larry LAR5006
53 years
201 cm
-- kg
Accra / Ghana
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I am very hard-working man. trustworthy and self-confidence
Jeff JEF8103
78 years
178 cm
64 kg
Anderson / United States of America
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Retired gay top. Looking for trans woman/crossdresser for dates, hook ups and possibly LTR
George GEO6894
34 years
186 cm
95 kg
Miami / United States of America
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I'm a responsible man who enjoys his time off working doing recreational things. I workout everyday, and in the same regard, I'm constantly striving to better myself with time. I'm trying this out in the hopes of finding a German woman who's also looking for a serious relationship.
Jeanbaptiste JEA2432
53 years
177 cm
72 kg
Roubaix / France
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Bonjour je recherche une relation sérieuse basée sur la confiance
Gareth GAR3296
38 years
166 cm
87 kg
Worcester / United Kingdom
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I am here looking for marriage and children. I am an easy going, caring, romantic, loyal and loving person who enjoys nights at home in front of the tv watching a good movie as well as nights out watching live music. I also like to travel. Wouldn’t it be good to travel with that special person… visiting places you haven’t been before.??
George GEO9382
56 years
181 cm
90 kg
Reading / United Kingdom
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Single male Scots by birth now living in U.K close to xxxx no kids work in medical profession a well paid occupation ex Army mediclooking for L.T.R/marriageAm submissive and shy so like bossy controlling Domme females
Bernhard BER6889
50 years
177 cm
80 kg
Nürnberg / Germany
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Ask me.
Mike MIK1088
44 years
185 cm
90 kg
Stuttgart / Germany
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hi you wanted to know more about me? please sent me a message :) thank you

if u send me message with number or other data use not numbers,