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Geraud GER2067
24 years
175 cm
45 kg
Bembereke / Benin
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J'aime beaucoup le site
Martin MAR7164
55 years
178 cm
75 kg
Vancouver / United States of America
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I’m easy person to get along with I love life too and nature.
Med MED9528
22 years
174 cm
65 kg
Temara / Morocco
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I am an ambitious loving person who loves work and family , travel alot ..i want a positive life partner and who appreciate tha family.
Arezki ARE3711
40 years
176 cm
70 kg
Tizi Ouzou / Algeria
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Tony TON2789
43 years
190 cm
83 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I am real easy person to talk to and a loving and outgoing father,a good listener, God Fearing, and a positive person.
Cisco R CIS1989
73 years
190 cm
90 kg
Atlanta / United States of America
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I'm an Aborigine born in America and grew up in New York City, I'm slim 6' 2" about 196 lb .
Looking for that special someone, slim and under 5' 6" and under 130 lb No Exception
Someone who can love me, Really !
David DAV7840
32 years
190 cm
83 kg
Andersonvil / United States of America
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I am looking for someone that will accept me and my partner loving both of us
Ahmed AHM3888
29 years
166 cm
68 kg
El Quara / Saudi Arabia
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i am a veterinarian working in saudi arabia , i am egyptian have my own business looking for serious relationship love kids
Micellino Micha MIC5270
58 years
174 cm
88 kg
Porto Cervo / Italy
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I'm looking for a new relationship with a trusted woman. Here at TINA + ANDREAS I have met wonderful women several times in recent years. I don't want to remarry. I am European and have 2 adult daughters. I am a widower and live alone as a single today. I am a pilot and cosmopolitan. I am a studied mathematician; and aircraft engineer. Professional fighter jet pilot, Captain Commander. For 40 years I've loved mathematics and the aviation industry! I work as CEO of a well-known and large international business jet and private jet airline. I live in the USA in Switzerland, and on the dream island Sardinia in Italy. Throughout my life, aviation and aircraft are my hobby and profession at the same time. I travel and fly regularly to many countries in South America and Africa. I know the topography and the continent of South America very well. I produce professional photos and aerial photography + aviation videos. Please be sure to check out my two professional, YouTube video channels. Sports: swimming + diving. Riding a bike + riding a motorbike. I speak different languages 100% perfect. I don't speak Spanish!
Fares FAR9710
42 years
178 cm
85 kg
Erbil / Iraq
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Conscientious and sincere
Frank FRA4628
52 years
170 cm
70 kg
Hamburg / Germany
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i seek for a normally girl as life partner and more....i can speak english/german...you can send a messages or contakt to my ID ;-) *smile*
Oleg OLE3529
48 years
179 cm
73 kg
Lviv / Ukraine
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xxxxxx xxxxx
Jean JEA4772
49 years
175 cm
94 kg
Auxerre / France
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Recherche quelqu'un pour partager la vie à deux. A la recherche du Bonheur, du bien être, sans vivre en conflit avec la personne recherchée. Je recherche plutôt une personne peace and love que œil pour œil ou dent pour dent ^_^
Ras kobi RAS5574
48 years
153 cm
51 kg
Accra / Ghana
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Good looking and self Respect with positive thoughts. Looking for humble woman with caring heart and mind
Haider HAI3224
45 years
163 cm
61 kg
Homs / Syria
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ممكن التعارف. بعد لا احب الكلام الان
Szby SZB5724
49 years
191 cm
85 kg
Casablanca / Morocco
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Frank FRA2305
55 years
184 cm
72 kg
Bremen / Germany
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Hello.. this is frank. in germany
- just new to this dating side..
- Im looking for a life partner.. seriously..
- but honest German Gentleman, 54, 184cm, slim - single father.... my daughters 10+13 I grow up by myself.. so what you get is a little family, not only a life partner..

I do not have hangout xxxxxxxxxxxxx I use sk..y..p.e only.
Rainer RAI9862
53 years
190 cm
85 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Olalala – thanks for your interest in my profile… And – do you like it?

If YES, please tell me:

Did you also looking for deep love?
Did you also looking for real happiness?
Did you also looking for sweet harmony?
Did you also looking for trust and fulfilling?
Did you also looking for someone who brings sunshine inside your heart?
Did you also looking for your lifetime partner to build up a love full lifetime and future?

If YES, than maybe NOW we find each other and our life will change very soon…

Please feel free to ask what ever you like, without any limitation - and please write me something about you, about your life, about your past life and about your family…

And please notice that I am open to accept you and your family like how you are, who you are and what you are, ok? Your age absolutely doesn’t matter - only the age and shining of your heart for me is important and that I can feel your aura and positive waves, the sunshine and genuine/sincerity inside your heart...

By the way: The past time of my life I was very busy and active at my work and also some hobbies and travel around the world. But all the time I feel missing something in my world – something like an own family, a warm and love full heart lasting on my side, somebody who wakes up with me, somebody who sleep and dream with me, somebody who laugh with me and somebody who weep with me…

And: I am romantic, I like children very much, I like animals, I like the sun and the moon, I like action and silence, I like freedom and friendly people around me - and most of all I like satisfaction and of course to life quiet and in harmony…

Thanks for your time to read my message. If you like my profile and if you feel touched, please don’t waste time and send me directly a message, ok?
Juba JUB3031
35 years
174 cm
70 kg
Bougie / Algeria
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Hello every body
Frank FRA2745
37 years
178 cm
70 kg
Völklingen / Germany
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Mag Frauen in Leder Kleidung ist aber kein muss!! I Love Women in leather clothes