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Jose JOS8132
51 years
171 cm
77 kg
Malaga / Spain
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"I'm now a whole orange, I look for a juicer to make juice"

Read my profil

If you write me, I can't answer your messages, because I'm not premium but you try We-chat: josejoya or LI/N/E: calipedia

Hello, my name is Jose, divorced, I have children, and i want to find a girl to share a movie, a beer, a wine with conversation or a dinner ...... and of course, a couple, a stable relationship, I'm not looking pickups! Li-ne: calipedia

I know that the distance is the main handicap to meet someone here, but hey, things have been difficult or managed. I will not be barriers put the home to meet someone, life takes care of them by herself ... ..
I can talk about all topic, I read a lot, I'm polite, friendly, and with a sense of humor .... I think that there are always ideas that we socialize.

And one of them is about the attitude: Most people think they are the events that define their future........ It is the answer, not the events that determine both our future and our present satisfaction for the future we expect.

And it is the attitude, which chooses the answer. What make us different is the attitude to them.

I have a mine clear: whatever you do, and whatever you decide ......! no life without passion!

If you're a kind woman, educated, self-serving, independent, conversation, spirited and with a sense of humor, please do not hesitate to write, or to answer my greeting.

A hug and a smile, if you got here !!!
Leon LEO8997
64 years
178 cm
100 kg
Düsseldorf / Germany
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Eine liebe nette Frau
Tilo TIL5121
65 years
171 cm
68 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Bin treu,fleißig,freundlich,unternehmungslustig,
ehrlich und suche eine ehrliche,treue und liebe Frau.
Gerold GER1237
58 years
173 cm
76 kg
Freyung / Germany
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Bin sehr romantisch,ehrlich,warmherzig,humorvoll, treu,sympathisch, kinderlieb
Du solltest ehrlich und romantisch sein
suche kein Abenteuer
koche gerne,schwimmen,sauna,fitness,fotografieren,romantische Abende
Habe eine Tochter,sie wohnt in Brasilien
Robin ROB9389
28 years
180 cm
78 kg
Kangavar / Iran
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Mike MIK2933
50 years
176 cm
85 kg
Tr / Germany
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I thank you for viewing my profile and I look forward to hearing more about you.
I trust we can become good friends and swap stories, photos and if you would like me to send you a photo of myself, let me know and I will arrange this.

Well, I will start off by telling you a little bit about myself:
I am single, no children and I live in the south western part of Germany.
I´m a caring, sharing person with a great sense of humour… I enjoy a good chat and a good laugh around.
But I´m not looking for my soulmate or for my future wife here !
I´m just interested in correspondence with people from all over the world and in making great friendship over the miles.

I like to read books and watch films ( …fantastic stories are my favorites ).
I love to travel around; I have been to many places in Asia, like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand.

But some of my interests are those of a dreamer.
Since I was in the age of 25 years, I carry a rough concept for a weird fantasy/mystery tale in my mind, which I would love to write down and illustrate ( ...with drawings or photo collages ).
But somehow I miss specific inspirations...
Maybe you could help me with your ideas ?
I don´t know if you have a sense for fantastic tales or not... But maybe I should give you some informations about the story:
It´s about a man who got shrunk in size by some sort of magic, ending up as a 15 centimetres ( 6 inches ) small captive in a doll´s house of a possessive young woman.
The house itself becomes his prison in which he has no chance to hide or escape from the woman´s hands.
The specific inspirations I´m looking for are not about the background storyline, but about the woman´s actions when she takes the man in her hand to abduct him or to take him out of the doll´s house.
Sometimes I imagine myself as the captive... and I know that I would try to resist or to escape.
I now want to know how the woman would respond... or better, what she would do.
So, I´m searching for inspirations given by a woman who is willing to participate as the actress of the woman in my story.
Those inspirations could be texts and pictures... Pictures of her hand, reaching out or in position like she is holding a small man, which I could later use for photo collaging or as patterns for drawings.

So, if you are interested in me and my story, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

All the best,


Horst HOR6970
54 years
176 cm
90 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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I am looking for my future wife, who is willing to spend the whole life with me and who will share my interests, so that we can spend a happy lifetime! A healthy lifestyle and sports is important for me! You should also take care for your health and be an active person.I wish to create a new family and I hope to find the right woman who has the same interests and opinions about life. In the future I would like to have more children.
Paolo PAO8218
56 years
172 cm
88 kg
Grosseto / Italy
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Hello at everyone!!
Veradech VER8863
24 years
180 cm
70 kg
Bangkok / Thailand
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Hi everyone
Frank FRA2305
54 years
184 cm
72 kg
Bremen / Germany
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Hello.. this is frank. in germany
- just new to this dating side..
- Im looking for a life partner.. seriously..
- but honest German Gentleman, 54, 184cm, slim - single father.... my daughters 10+13 I grow up by myself.. so what you get is a little family, not only a life partner..

I do not have hangout xxxxxxxxxxxxx I use sk..y..p.e only.
Bilel BIL4084
31 years
185 cm
85 kg
Oran / Algeria
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relation durable et sérieuse
Jan JAN9462
47 years
177 cm
75 kg
Karlsruhe / Germany
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I´m looking for a nice Girl for friendship or more. I like Venezuela (Orinoco Delta), traveling, caribean music and many more
Me llamo Jan, tengo 47 anos soy de Alemania.
Escribe en mi email por favor.

I´m not a Goldmember
Morten MOR6981
40 years
190 cm
95 kg
Stade / Germany
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Not interested in marriage. Just want to meet interesting people from all around the world.
Jean JEA4772
49 years
175 cm
94 kg
Auxerre / France
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Recherche quelqu'un pour partager la vie à deux. A la recherche du Bonheur, du bien être, sans vivre en conflit avec la personne recherchée. Je recherche plutôt une personne peace and love que œil pour œil ou dent pour dent xxx
Manoel MAN5925
54 years
179 cm
73 kg
São Luís / Brazil
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Inteligente, bem humorado, gosto de descobrir novos horizontes.
Nick NIC1739
44 years
188 cm
80 kg
Düsseldorf / Germany
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I am new here and curious, if I will meet a nice, honest and special lady.

see you

Torsten TOR8383
54 years
187 cm
82 kg
Freudenberg / Germany
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Suche nach Jahren allein
Lorenz LOR7328
60 years
185 cm
91 kg
Linz / Austria
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Ich bin ehrlich, beharrlich, erfolgreich und mag weibliche Rundungen.
Joe JOE3816
30 years
189 cm
85 kg
Saint Peter / Russian Federation
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I am a calm, lovely and hard working man looking for any serious,lovely and passionate person ready to settle and build a family.
Bernhard BER6356
72 years
174 cm
84 kg
Berlin / Germany
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I am an easy, practical and many-sided man. quite long to give a chance only, not richly and willing to a real respect.
it is too short for plays and lie.
I believe in the fact which there is a real woman with honest intentions, for me....
all visit me, I wish you a merry Christmas party and a happy start to the year 2013