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Hans HAN3884
68 years
172 cm
70 kg
Bruchsal / Germany
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Searching for a reliable, honest and open minded human for a stabile relationship!
Eduardo EDU0995
51 years
190 cm
89 kg
Holguin / Cuba
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Jan JAN5747
46 years
182 cm
78 kg
Munich / Germany
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Hallo, Hi, Hola
Charly CHA6207
55 years
173 cm
71 kg
Paris / France
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Envie de bouger, de partager, tout simplement...
Social, attentionné, tendre, avec du temps libre pour profiter de la vie...

Hello ...
Want to move to share, simply ...
Social, caring, tender , with free time to enjoy life ...
Mike MIK2933
52 years
176 cm
85 kg
Tr / Germany
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I thank you for viewing my profile and I look forward to hearing more about you.
I trust we can become good friends and swap stories, photos and if you would like me to send you a photo of myself, let me know and I will arrange this.

Well, I will start off by telling you a little bit about myself:
I am single, no children and I live in the south western part of Germany.
I´m a caring, sharing person with a great sense of humour… I enjoy a good chat and a good laugh around.
But I´m not looking for my soulmate or for my future wife here !
I´m just interested in correspondence with people from all over the world and in making great friendship over the miles.

I like to read books and watch films ( …fantastic stories are my favorites ).
I love to travel around; I have been to many places in Asia, like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand.

But some of my interests are those of a dreamer.
Since I was in the age of 25 years, I carry a rough concept for a weird fantasy/mystery tale in my mind, which I would love to write down and illustrate ( ...with drawings or photo collages ).
But somehow I miss specific inspirations...
Maybe you could help me with your ideas ?
I don´t know if you have a sense for fantastic tales or not... But maybe I should give you some informations about the story:
It´s about a man who got shrunk in size by some sort of magic, ending up as a 15 centimetres ( 6 inches ) small captive in a doll´s house of a possessive young woman.
The house itself becomes his prison in which he has no chance to hide or escape from the woman´s hands.
The specific inspirations I´m looking for are not about the background storyline, but about the woman´s actions when she takes the man in her hand to abduct him or to take him out of the doll´s house.
Sometimes I imagine myself as the captive... and I know that I would try to resist or to escape.
I now want to know how the woman would respond... or better, what she would do.
So, I´m searching for inspirations given by a woman who is willing to participate as the actress of the woman in my story.
Those inspirations could be texts and pictures... Pictures of her hand, reaching out or in position like she is holding a small man, which I could later use for photo collaging or as patterns for drawings.

So, if you are interested in me and my story, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

All the best,


Al AL9368
69 years
166 cm
68 kg
Alhambra C / United States of America
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im very calm and easy going, faithful and loyal.
romantic and passionate. kind and caring. looking for friend and marriage.
looking for a faithful and loyal person for family and marriage. But also i am
adventures and enjoy learning new things about life.
Samson SAM7809
41 years
167 cm
56 kg
Makati / Philippines
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I am single if you are interested just call me this is my # xxxxx I need a German girlfriend to be come my wife.pls call me before I give my Instagram or messenger to contact with you I love you who you are.
JL JL6018
58 years
176 cm
95 kg
Melun / France
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Looking for my soulmate.. Where have you been all this time?
Okafor OKA1974
34 years
176 cm
85 kg
Paris / United Arab Emirates
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Am a chef I work in a hotel as chef de partie,i work in 100 miles at world trade center in Dubai United Arab Emirates UAE.i have been in this job for about long.I want to settle down again i have being widower for 5yrs now...
before me and my wife divorced some years now am here looking for a serious relationship that will end well and am ready to relocate to any country that my soulmate may xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Number xxxxx‐ 0951 or xxxxx.
Damien DAM5807
40 years
184 cm
85 kg
Wejherowo / Poland
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xxxx If you want to contact me, send a Snap profile in the message or another messenger I'm waiting for you :) Or write to me on Line ID hidden in the content :) fb Kam Mat
Ali ALI7580
44 years
180 cm
88 kg
Shiraz / Iran
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I'm xxxx on teleg ram
I can not send you message or reply your online chat here because I am regular member. you can write your contacts information inside your message then i will contact you. I'm looking for serious relationship with a non Muslim lady to create my family out of my country.Ready for face to face meeting out of my country, where is easy to travel for both of us
Dirk DIR7282
49 years
186 cm
95 kg
Berlintruxa / Germany
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VI hope to find somene with a good and open Heart , sincerly and honest. Iin two days im hold member . So i can write and answere too
Joachim JOA5347
55 years
178 cm
120 kg
Biblis / Germany
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My big favorites are jeans (short, long, cutoff or frayed) and to play in the water.
Knut KNU2322
59 years
170 cm
84 kg
Steinenbron / Germany
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Bin treu,ehrlich und sehr liebevoll
Patrick PAT2504
40 years
187 cm
149 kg
Dortmund / Germany
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You are women and want to meet a man like me. Then come up with something and do not always write hi or hello. Every message I get contains only hi or hello. Come up with something. Before the question comes up how I am, I am fine.
Friedrich FRI4528
42 years
178 cm
68 kg
Cologne / Germany
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I am looking for a warm - hearted and sincere woman. - You should like to travel.
I study history and international law at the university of Cologne. - I like to travel and to read. I am sincere and impulsive.
David DAV2400
44 years
178 cm
79 kg
Hemer / Germany
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Hello,i am David_Kramer,if you like you can maili am helpfull,honest,loyal,serious,romantic,sweet,
religious(my father is a priest)

i am searching for a lovely woman for a serious relationship
Peter PET5948
57 years
186 cm
80 kg
Munich / Germany
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Looking for a nice girl also to build up a happy family with kids
Wo WO4335
58 years
175 cm
74 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Suche Dich, bitte melde Dich.
Horst HOR3609
57 years
177 cm
93 kg
Lampertheim / Germany
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lets give us a chance