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Werner WER8855
61 years
179 cm
71 kg
Luedinghaus / Germany
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this werner from xxxx years of being alone is xxxx years of being lonely is long enough, xxxx years without laughing, talking and sharing
to a soulmate is too much!
My heart would melt for a nice lady who is honest and serious to share too.
If you like to chat to me then
just follow and look closer to my pictures - one is telling my id
If you like to laugh like me,
If you are as open-minded like me,
If you like to throw sweet flashes, pillows, hugs and kisses like me,
but then -
What are you waiting for to contact me!

But not only for time of chatting,
not only for an hour,
not only for a day, week, month or year ....
.... only for forever

Together ... !!!
- waking up in the morning with a smile
- smiling all day long
- and falling asleep with ....
... nothing else possible than a smile again.

I am wishing for a nice person like you who is willing to give me the same love back that i am willing to give to you.
i am not looking for money, but for being rich of love.
i am not looking for models, but for being rich of personality.
I am not looking for bodyshapes that cannot match to myself.
I am looking for ....
.... my soulmate to which I like to take care of every single day ...
... of my life, ... of our lives.
So, don't let me wait for you any longer - 10 years have been long enough ...

My soulmate
should not cheat on me in any way (not about kids, not about status or age, ...)
and should be honest to all belongings of life. but the most important topic
is not to ask me never ever for financial help. this will cause me to cut the
relationship at the same moment when asked, cut without any other reasons.
Means that I am looking for true love disguarding any needs like this. my help
Will be on purpose if you give me the chance to set my focus to your heart.
I wish so much you won't let me wait another xxxx years
Bernd BER6790
58 years
189 cm
89 kg
Kerpen / Germany
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Please contact me by email
Knut KNU2322
59 years
170 cm
84 kg
Steinenbron / Germany
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Bin treu,ehrlich und sehr liebevoll
Feli FEL8483
33 years
166 cm
44 kg
Pasig / Philippines
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Open minded, loving, caring, family oriented, and always faith in God.be your self.. ❤️❤️
Greg GRE9314
49 years
172 cm
68 kg
Charlotte / United States of America
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I am a nonpaying member so I can't reply to some chats.
Rahul RAH9897
25 years
170 cm
66 kg
Delhi / India
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A person who can support in ups and downs. See things in positively and love me as much she can.
Norbert NOR4229
66 years
173 cm
82 kg
Cologne / Germany
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I look for the love in my live; for a lady, she have have interesting to get married - not in the next days.... but in the future. In Adventure i have not interesting.
Ali ALI7580
44 years
180 cm
88 kg
Shiraz / Iran
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hi every body I can not send you message here because I am regular member. I'm on sky p. Or you can write your contacts information inside your message then i will contact you. Ready for chatting, dating out of my country, where is easy to travel for both of us
Hans HAN3884
67 years
172 cm
70 kg
Bruchsal / Germany
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Suche ehrliche, treue und familienorientierte Frau!!
Gudluck GUD0170
50 years
172 cm
79 kg
Friedrichsh / Germany
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Very nice guy and truthful and i need a lady that is very fun and nice to me
Evans EVA6791
50 years
184 cm
65 kg
Atlanta / United States of America
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Hi, I'm just myself, I'm as I am, you don't think otherwise about me, I'll still be me
Mirko MIR8866
44 years
171 cm
55 kg
Husum / Germany
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I looking for a serious relationship with asia woman. For questions ask me.
Magdiel Rafael MAG9968
46 years
174 cm
71 kg
Las Tunas / Cuba
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Soy emprendedor y muy optimista de la vida porque siempre te puede dar oportunidades decidido y la pareja que deseo debe ser igual
Aman AMA7218
50 years
171 cm
53 kg
Delhi / India
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Mountain. Waterfall
Anthestines ANT0553
36 years
173 cm
85 kg
Davao / Philippines
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I value time, Family, relationship, trust and God.
Michael MIC5895
61 years
187 cm
87 kg
Omaha / United States of America
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non lieing or cheating man looking for the same in a great woman. mwah
Jurgen JUR9124
67 years
172 cm
80 kg
Vienna / Austria
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I am an optimistic person who likes to live in our world, by also wanting to share happiness and pleasure to a wonderful girl, to whom I like to open my heart and my soul.
Life is offering nice pleasures, such as the sensational love to each other.
I am enjoying the most valuable gift, received by our Lord. This is health, which is the assumption for a contented life.
It is the key to all my personal luck, and everything else which I like to achieve in life.

How nice to get to know a person like you!
John JOH4926
71 years
173 cm
68 kg
xxxxxxxx / United Kingdom
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I am an ordinary man with ordinary desires and ambitions. However, I've been lucky enough to travel to and work in some wonderful places.
I've been alone for several years and would prefer to share my time with someone else rather than doing everything by myself.
I want to love and be loved.
Michael MIC2352
47 years
167 cm
0 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Do you look for good, honest man... o.k. here i am. maybe i´m not so good looking like others, but you can try to know more about me and let´s see what comes.
Lorenz LOR7328
62 years
185 cm
91 kg
Linz / Austria
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Ich bin ehrlich, beharrlich, erfolgreich und mag weibliche Rundungen.